Mini Moderns Launch Darjeeling Wallpaper

picture 3723 Mini Moderns Launch Darjeeling Wallpaper

Eastern Chakras meet sunburst emblems and glam rock stars in the Darjeeling print. The result is a design that coordinates with and reflects the themes of the ‘Buddha of Suburbia’ collection, while keeping a stand-alone appeal. It’s a kaleidoscope of cultural and design influences.

Mini Moderns founders Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire explain: “We wanted to capture the 70s vibe of the wallpaper we’d see in our friends’ houses when we have been expanding up. These patterns tapped into the 1970s fascination with all things Eastern, which is exactly the mood we’re revisiting with the ‘Buddha of Suburbia’ collection.”

At the same time, its tessellating geometry, rendered in Mini Moderns’ signature modern colours, has a distinctly contemporary edge.

pixel                Mini Moderns Launch Darjeeling Wallpaper

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