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To celebrate the Chinese new year (year of the sheep) we invited Feng Shui master Pun Yin to talk to ChicTip about authentic Feng Shui

1. What make a good feng shui house?
There are many criteria to consider a home good Feng Shui. The most important thing is sunlight, it should be able to penetrate into the home to release the (mental, emotional & energetic) stress of the occupant(s). The sunny spot should be in the gathering place like the family/living room area as well as the master bedroom.

The home should be decorated with the 5 Elements representations through colors, themes & material that the energy flow of the home & the occupants calls for.

2. Which room is the most important room in the house in Feng shui ?

All the rooms are important, it’s like the human body that every organ is substantial to
each other and can not be separated. The gathering area of the home, like the family/living room, deserves even more attention so that the harmony could be achieved. Therefore, it would be necessary to decorate the area with the correct 5 Elements representations base on the 5 Elements Astrology Composition to the bread winner(s) of the home.

3. How does Feng Shui consolation work?

An authentic Feng Shui consultation will calculate the people 5 Elements Astrology Composition (that confirms the personalty & experiences)  then will work on shifting the consciousness to a more peaceful state through activities and design elements. We are all unique based on our charts and experiences, therefore, the solution for more blessed life needs to be customized.

4. 5 ways to bring a good luck to your home.

1-To incorporate the 5 Elements Astrology representations that could balance your energy in the major meridians of the home through colors, themes and textures.

2-Create a zone in the home that enables you tune into the divine connection to help release stress and charge up.

3-Curtains should be open during  the day, if privacy & security is not necessary. When weather allows, open the window for air/chi to circulate.

4- Minimise electrical objects in the master bedroom.

5-You should identify the energy composition of the living area so that the meeting of the minds could happen effortlessly through the 5 Elements representations.

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Master Pun-Yin has been the authority in the classical & authentic Feng Shui since the early 90’s, with projects like: Trump Organization, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Mandarin Oriental Hotel,… that verified the timeless wisdom behind the ancient Chinese science popularizing the art ever since.

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