Cherry Blossom Inspiration

cherry blossom chictip Cherry Blossom Inspiration

I love this time of the year when the trees are in their full bloom and the streets are cover with pinkish-hued colors.

“The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short. When the cherry blossom trees bloom for a short time each year in brilliant force, they serve as a visual reminder of how precious and how precarious life is. So, when Japanese people come together to view the cherry blossom trees and marvel at their beauty, they aren’t just thinking about the flowers themselves, but also about the larger meaning and deep cultural tradition the cherry blossom tree”.( learn more on the cherry blossom here)

1. Cherry Blossom wall decals by Dream Kids Decal.

2. Cherry Blossom tea pot.

3. Cherry Blossom pillow.

4. Cherry Blossom kids leggings by Zara.

5. Cherry Blossom

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