Black On White Atelier Home From Fabi Architecture

atelierhaus schwarz auf weiss  Black On White Atelier Home From Fabi Architecture

Interestingly enough Fabi Architecture built this dream property, identified as the Black on White Atelier Home or Schwarz auf Weiß Neubau Atelierhaus, for their client French Connection Ltd.  It is a small 100 m² (1076.4ft²) property consisting of a beautiful open program living, dining and kitchen location on the upper black level. The reduce white level contains a bedroom with en suite bath. The style seems pretty straight forward. 2 interconnected geometric shapes, 1 placed atop the other at an angle in a cantilevered style. Every single has a wall of glass that appears to be open to a private area. The house is built into the hillside to a degree, but rather appears to sit nestled again it rather then becoming deeply cut into it. It is indeed an archetype.

atelierhaus schwarz auf weiss   Black On White Atelier Home From Fabi Architecture

Upon getting into the home you see the external structure completely suits the internal decor. It is a minimalist contemporary design with a sleek contemporary kitchen and connected dining and living areas. This main living space is lined from the floor to the ceiling with glass along 1 wall. The complete space appears to be a constant flow of organic wood material brought with each other in excellent seamless harmony. What is absent from the space speaks to the simplicity and peacefulness that it would subsequently bring to its residents.

The staircase is situated to the rear of the primary living region on the cantilevered portion of the residence. It nevertheless maintains an airy quality given its location against the hillside by means of its design complemented by an incident of all-natural light. On the reduce level is the bedroom and combined bathroom with private toilet. The design echoes the important nature of the upper level. The complete space seems to be pure geometry, virtually monolithic in nature.

I see this as the prefect vacation house. Really, peaceful and serene in every single detail. The light fixtures on the major living level are gorgeous. Particularly the ones over the kitchen island and tall thin the circular floor lamp located close to the window. They are quite nicely suited to the minimal style of the space. The luxuriously soft texture of the rug contrasts brilliantly with linear style of the area. The Eames Lounge Chair and leather sofa give the excellent spot for talking and relaxing or even undertaking a bit of perform for the duration of the day. The house gives a warm and comfy space that gives for all of your standard requirements without extraneous distractions.

Now if you add children, there would be an completely different story. But I for one particular am a enormous fan of this space, I’d just have to leave the youngsters with grandma maybe.

Organizing / Construction Management: fabi architekten bda, Regensburg

This is a short pc generated film of the preparing and building of the structure.

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