5 Top Lighting Trends For 2016

sutro 5 Top Lighting Trends For 2016

Image: Sutro Architects

Lighting is a key architectural and design element in a home. And much like fashion, lighting trends change regularly. If you’re looking for a fairly simple way to give your space an update, refreshing lighting fixtures can take your space’;s style to the next level. Check out these top 2016 lighting trends forecasted from the leading retailers and trendsetters. 

lamps plus min 5 Top Lighting Trends For 2016

Image: Lamps Plus

1. Upgraded Industrial

One of the lighting trends for 2016 is Lamps Plus’; “upgraded industrial”. According to a company press release, “the warehouse-inspired-movement-cum-mainstream design staple is seeing a bit of refinement.” Look for modern industrial lighting featuring rich tones and alternative metals. Don’;t be afraid to invest in the industrial trend either — the look is here to stay for the next few years.

min 5 Top Lighting Trends For 2016

Image: Moooi

2. Malleable Metals

Modern home retailer, 2Modern’;s, top lighting trend for 2016 is the malleable pendant or chandelier. Because each customer’s lighting needs are different, 2Modern has expanded its malleable lighting collection in order to provide “a lamp that can be tailored to spatial needs.” On-trend examples include Rich Brilliant Willing’s Palindrome Chandelier or Moooi’s Heracleum (shown above). 

interior lighting min 5 Top Lighting Trends For 2016

Image: Interior Deluxe

3. Customizable Color

Ingo Schaer of Interior Deluxe, a high-end modern lighting retailer, forecasts that its customers will be looking more and more to customize the shape of their lighting, and more importantly, the quality of light. Lighting like the crystal table lamp by Qis Design has the ability to change the color of light — from functional white to a warmer color to set the mood. But customizable lighting color doesn’;t stop at warm or cool light. A spectrum of additional colors is often part of the package.

bellacor min 5 Top Lighting Trends For 2016

Image: Bellacor

4. Geometric Lighting

Bellacor forecasts geometric lighting fixtures as one of the hottest lighting trends now. Its recommendation is to keep it simple: “Although geometric lighting fixtures invoke a minimalist aesthetic, they’re not just for modern and contemporary interiors. The key to their versatility is utter simplicity.” The geometric trend is a great option if you’;re looking to give your space a modern or mid-century vibe.

lighting 5 Top Lighting Trends For 2016

Image: Bocci

5. Nature Inspired

The Messe Frankfurt Light+Building show in Germany is the event where retailers, designers and architects go to view what’s next in the lighting design world. The Trend Forum at the show forecast that one of the next trends for the home will be lighting “infused with allusions of nature: in organic forms, in the spectrum of natural colors and the world of bud, leaf and plant motifs.” Lighting inspired by nature softens the feel of cold, contemporary or bare spaces by adding softer lines and an organic feel to the room.

Which of these 5 2016 lighting trends is your favorite?

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