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Urban Jungle home trend and design for home 3

Urban Jungle Home Trend and Design for Home

Again and again plants have to be watered and cared for. Perhaps with a little skill an irrigation system can be tinkered by itself, which takes a part of the work. Also, you have ...
Urban jungle home decoration trends review 1

Urban Jungle Home Decoration Trends Review

If you do not know yet whether the idea is for you, start with the low-maintenance plants in the project. Study the care instructions carefully to develop a feeling for the important ...
Urban Jungle home design trend review article 5

Urban Jungle Home Design Trend Review Article

On the wall you can also attach the first real plants, for example, by planting creeping plants in hanging pots, which thus function equally as a wall decoration. The tendrils can ...
Urban Jungle Home Decoration 4

Urban Jungle Trend Home Decoration Web Site

For all those who live in a big city and do not have a balcony or garden, a residential trend has been established for some years, which brings the green nature into the apartment. ...
hallway home decoration ideas 5

The Best Ideas For Your Hallway Home Decoration

Decorative storage is provided by stacked wine boxes, which become shelves for shoes or bags. Also unique pieces give the hall an individual touch. A vintage mirror, practical lockers, ...